My son is a junior and was just recently suspended from the team for attending a party.  How is this going to affect his college recruitment?

– Tiffany Nicholson, Miami, FL

College coaches now have the APR (Academic Progress Rate) and do not take chances on student-athletes like they did in the past.  The majority of college programs “Google” every student-athlete they are interested in recruiting.  They will go to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. to see if any negative information shows up. Every student-athlete knows the difference between right and wrong. They are all going to be tempted to attend a function where there will be activities taking place that they know are not right. Every student-athlete realizes that all cell phones take photos and some record video as well. It is no longer just the parent or coach telling them to be careful in their decision-making process; they are being watched, photographed or recorded every second.

I was recently at a school where a star athlete’s activity at one of these “so called parties” were forwarded to the principal from an unknown source. Student-athletes’ decisions today are easy. If you don’t follow the rules you will be caught and the college coach will find out about it. Do the right thing because someone is always watching.

Here is an article about a student getting suspended:


Student Athlete Suspended for (Social Media) attending a party

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